Shang Pendant - Lava

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With masterful control of geometry and scale, Shang Lava's porously textured surface transitions effortlessly to its metal apex, allowing its contrasting yet complimentary materials to be admired from all angles.

Shang may be used in singular form, a linear arrangement or as a chandelier of multiple pendants, suitable for residential, hospitality and commercial settings.

Lava stone is formed when liquid lava solidifies as it cools. A characteristic of this natural process is the large pores in the stone with other minerals often embedded within. This natural, irregular life of the stone is to be celebrated.

Made from Lava stone with a polished finish. Available with Brass or Black Anodised Aluminium top.


Lamp Type E27 LED
Wattage 3W
Voltage 85V-265V
Cable 2m black braided cable



Ø200 x H160



Lava Stone, Brass or Anodised Aluminium