Noosa Lighting discovery noosa house


A quick snippet on lighting design.

Pendant lights are the feature lighting in this kitchen. These pendants were designed by myself (and made by my fiance’ Paul who happens to be a very talented electrician) for this space. I wanted to draw the attention to the soaring 14 foot ceilings and create visual interest with the lovely shadows cast by the shapes within the light. These shadows were thrown on to the walls of the room which also drew attention to the different textural components of this 130 year old country homestead. The brick work in the fireplace, the VJ walls and the tongue and grove ceiling are all showcased beautifully by this light shade.

In this kitchen we installed LED lighting and an exhaust fan instead of a range hood as the design of this kitchen had an emphasis on the old fireplace and the expense of a range hood was not required. The placement of the LED lights ensured that the tiles were also lit up to display their textural feature.

The feature pendant lights were hung in the two centre points of the room, these lights ensured that the eyes were drawn up to the 14 foot ceilings to enhance the feeling of space.

Task lighting above the kitchen benches was then installed in the form of inconspicuous LED down lights. These lights were needed for task lighting only and not as a statement peice as the other two areas of the kitchen were where the eye needed to be drawn to.

The lighting in this area was completely designed and constructed by Paul and I.